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Sustamed Balkan Pharma

Sustamed Balkan Pharma
Sustamed Balkan Pharma
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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma

Substance: Testosterone Mix

Pack: 250mg/ml (5x1ml amp)

Now possibly there isn't any such a bodybuilder that may not know what Sustamed is. In all probability only younger athletes might not possess such information, and for them, we inform you that it is a complicated steroid containing a number of four esters of Testosterone. Note that to buy Sustamed in a pharmacy is practically impossible, and to do so isn't worth it.

Sustanon 250 is a well-liked testosterone mix and is without a doubt the most well-liked and well-known mix ever made. Manufactured by Organona, the thought behind Sustanon 250 was to provide one of the best of short and long lasting ester testosterones in a single injection. This may permit the person to keep up steady blood levels of the testosterones horomne with an infrequent injection schedule whereas simultananeously receiving quick appearing advantages.

General Information:

Drug name: Testosterone Mix

Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids

Common brand names: Sustanon 250, Omnadren 250, Testosterone Compound 

Common drug quantity: Injections: 250mg/ml

Side Effects:

Aspect-effects from utilizing Sustamed 250 are in line with side-effects of any testosterone. They embody water retention and gynecomastia (bitch tits) from testosterone’s conversion to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. Customers on Sustanon additionally risky side-effects like hair loss and swelling of the prostate, primarily from testosterone’s conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the 5-reductase enzyme. Each of those side-effects could be minimized with using selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) like nolvadex (tamoxifen) or aromatase inhibitors (AIs) like aromasin.


Though Sustanon stays lively within the physique for roughly three weeks, injections are taken at the very least each 10 days. An efficient dosage ranges from 250mg (one ampule) every week, to 1000mg (four ampules) weekly. Some athletes do use extra excessive dosages of this steroid, however that is actually not a really useful observe. When the dosage rises above 750-1000mg per week, increased side effects will no doubt be outweighing additional benefits.


Injectable steroids make up the largest group of anabolic steroids and as such, the detection times of steroids in this class will be the most important. While oral steroids provide fast and amazing gains the gains made through injectable use are far more stable, and often easier to maintain. This is not to say you cannot hold gains made through oral use, but you will keep those gains to a stronger degree if injectable steroids are part of the total plan. For the majority of performance enhancers, oral steroids are simply an addition to an injectable based cycle; we can make an exception with many women as many women will find oral use only to be tremendously beneficial.

Sustanon-250            :3-4 Months

Testosterone-Cypionate: 3 Months

Testosterone-Enanthate: 3 Months


  • Suspected or diagnosed prostate cancer (PSA is elevated)
  • Male breast cancer
  • Obstructive sleep apnea, unless treated before testosterone therapy

Alternative designation:

testo, testosteron, testosterone, primotest, primotest 600, test, testosterone mix, testosterone compound, testosterone suspension, mix products, mx 197, trenbol, trenbolone, trenbolone acetate, trenbolone acetat, nandrolone, nandrolone decanoate, deca, nandrolon

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