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Strombaject Aqua Balkan Pharma

Strombaject Aqua Balkan Pharma
Strombaject Aqua Balkan Pharma
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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma

Substance: Stanozolol

Pack: 50mg/ml (5x1ml amp)

Utilizing this preparation is possible to achieve muscle development. Its reception isn't conducive to water retention within the body, whereby there is no such thing as a formation of fat, has the property to burn fats and outputs the pointless water from the body.For athletes this drug improves physical efficiency. Significantly in giving its endurance, power and improving labor activity of complement activity bodybuilding, athletics, and the willpower of energy might in any whatsoever sport.

Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) accessible in oral and injectable form. Stanozolol is a common anabolic steroid which can be appropriate for the bulking part and the definition part. However, most bodybuilders and athletes have a tendency to make use of the injectable stanozolol within the definition interval, which requires a rise of hard muscle mass with out extreme water retention, which often brings with it a delicate look of muscle. Stanozolol additionally accelerates fats burning. Only for the above properties it's particularly in style within the bodybuilding community for its use in pre-competition training.

General Information:

Drug name: Stanozolol

Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids

Common brand names: Winstrol (depot), stanol, Stanabol

Common drug quantity: 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml

Side Effects:

As a steroid it's nearly protected for human use it. If it is utilized in massive volumes required for the athlete and observe the suggestions, that severe violations don't happen within the physique.Of utilizing the ends in unwanted effects means embody selling blood stress and lift ldl cholesterol. Athletes had been awarded painful injections and subsequent discomfort. In different instances, it means hardly offers opposed results - attainable estrogenic dysfunction androgen - nearly by no means occurs. Explicit merchandise will be recognized, that in sports activities actions mustn't exceed the working weight as joints and ligaments will be broken.


The actual recommended dosage related to Stanozolol will likely be 50-100 mg/day orally for guys and also 25-50 mg/day injectable type for guys. For ladies, dosages withinside oral as well as injectable types associated with Stanozolol are 2.5-10 milligrams per day and also 2-5 mg every day, respectively.


The drug is usually used 1-2 months earlier than a sports activities occasion. The drug have to be stopped at the very least 2- 3 weeks before to avoid detection.Nearly all of individuals do see muscle bulk construct up after 3-4 weeks. Infact, winstrol can considerably enhance train efficiency for brief intervals of time.Regardless of what most builders consider increased doses of stanozolol are dangerous and don't end in improved outcomes. Most specialists suggest that the drug not be used for greater than 4-6 weeks.


  • Winstrol is not recommended in individuals with
  • male breast cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • females with breast cancer and/or hypercalcemia if a female is pregnant
  • anyone with allergies to steroidal drugs

Alternative designation:

Anasyth, Cetabon, Estazol, Stromba, Strombaject, Tevabolin, Winstroid, stan, stanzol, stanozol, stanabol, stanabol 50, stanozolol, stanozolo, stanzolol, azol, azolol, stanocaps, stanoject, stanol, stanole, stanol body, stan la, stanozolol la, stan bayer, stanozolol bayer, stan gene, stan genesis, stanozolol genesis, stargate, stragate, venaject, winstrol, winstrole, winy, s-zol, s-zol forte, anabol

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