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Alpha Pharma

Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 50tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: OxandrolonePack: 50tabs x 10mg/tabOxandrolone is widespread amongst bodybuilders due to its fabulous results. This steroid is good for bulking functions and it's generally used throughout chopping phases of training.This steroid is usually used by bodyb..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 50tabs x 50mg/tab
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: OxymetholonePack: 50tabs x 50mg/tabOxydrolone (oxymetholone) is an artificial steroidal drug obtainable as a pill. it's a potent oral anabolic and androgenic drug.Oxydrolone is an anabolic steroid. It improves nitrogen steadiness when the weight-reducti..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 76.5mg/1,5ml (5x1,5ml amp)
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: Trenbolone HexahydrobenzylcarbonatePack: 76.5mg/1,5ml (5x1,5ml amp)Parabolan is used solely by skilled customers as a result of it's a very highly effective and hard product. Its principal impact is to supply more durable, denser, and stronger muscle ma..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 50tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: StanozololPack: 50tabs x 10mg/tabThis Rexobol 50 mg is offered by us in safe packaging in order to maintain their longer shelf life. The daily dosage of Stanozolol is usually 30 – 80 mg. Most often it is not taken alone, usually it is taken in comb..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 50mg/ml (10x1ml amp)
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: StanozololPack: 50mg/ml (10x1ml amp)Rexogin a synthetic by-product of testosterone. It was first made by Winthrop laboratories within the 60s and is among the oldest anabolic steroids in the marketplace. It's indicated for the remedy of 1 main dysf..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 250mg/ml (10x1ml amp)
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: Testosterone CypionatePack: 250mg/ml (10x1ml amp)Testosterone Cypionate is lengthy performing formulation of testosterone which is indicated within the remedy of people who've absent or very low ranges of the hormone. It's typically generally known as D..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 100mg/ml (10x1ml amp)
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: Testosterone PropionatePack: 100mg/ml (10x1ml amp)TestoRapid is utilized in hormone alternative therapy, anti-aging and in treatment of muscular catabolism.Testosterone Propionate is considered a quick performing testosterone due to effects starting in about..
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Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: 30tabs x 25mcg/tab
Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaSubstance: T3 Liothyronine SodiumPack: 30tabs x 25mcg/tabThyro3 tablets (Generic Cytomel) comprise Liothyronine Sodium which is an artificial version of the naturally occurring hormone within the physique called thyroid hormone.Cytomel is the artificial type of T-3/Lio..
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