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Oral-Turinabol NasPharma
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Brand: NasPharma Model: 50tabs x 25mg/tab
Manufacturer: NasPharmaSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 50tabs x 25mg/tabTurinabol it involves the rise in energy and muscle mass, nothing beats Turinabol. So as to add to that's the truth that you do not have to deal with any water retention since there is no aromatiza..
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Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: 60tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 60tabs x 10mg/tabTuranabol is a good anabolic. It’s higher than D-Bol in our opinion. It's extremely anabolic, with out the androgenic side effects, and it doesn’t aromatize or raise your blood pressure like D-..
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Brand: British Dragon Model: 200tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: British DragonSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 200tabs x 10mg/tabTuranabol was developed back in the 1960s by East Germany for enhancing their athlete’s performances, and has continued to be a preferred alternative to different anabolic steroids.Chlorodehy..
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Brand: Biotech Labs Model: 100tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: Biotech LabsSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 100tabs x 10mg/tabTuranax of Biotech Labs in a package deal of 100 tablets with 10mg. It's an anabolic product with glorious high quality and good customer reviews.Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (CDMT) (brand t..
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Brand: Generics Pharm Model: 96tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: Generics PharmSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 96tabs x 10mg/tabWith Turinabol importing muscle mass is not going to be so dramatic, however it will be quality. Doesn't hold water and not flavored.Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (CDMT) (brand title Oral Tu..
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Brand: Vermodje Model: 100tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: VermodjeSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 100tabs x 10mg/tabTurinover by Vermodje is an oral steroid which comprises 10mg of the hormone Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (CDMT) (brand title Oral Turinabol) is an androgenic-ana..
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Turinox Malay Tiger
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Brand: Malay Tiger Model: 100tabs x 10mg/tab
Manufacturer: Malay TigerSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 100tabs x 10mg/tabTurinox Malay Tiger referred to as oral Turinabol. It is extremely efficient and potent anabolic steroid with mild properties. Turinox is appropriate for man and women to building lean muscle ma..
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