Application of injections

1.) Important hygiene and safety rules:

  • Before each application of the injectable peptides, first wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Always use only new and unpacked 100% syringes that have been in undamaged sterile packaging!
  • Never touch the needles with your hands or other objects (if you accidentally come to such a contact, discard the syringe and use a new one)!
  • Never use one syringe several times (multiple uses of one syringe increase the risk of contaminating the needle with bacterias, and the needle also dulls and damages by every other application)!
  • Before the penetration of the needle, clean thoroughly the rubber vial cap and the skin with alcoholic disinfecting pads!

2.) Types of injection and possible insertion:


Subcutaneous injection (application to fat):

  • For the application of most peptides, so-called subcutaneous application (application to the fat/site between the upper layer of the skin and muscles) is sufficient, and intramuscular application is not necessary (exceptions are only the growth factors listed in the intramuscular injection). Most often,  is subcutaneous injection injected into the abdomen (abdominal fat, front abdomen in 8 cm circle around the navel). Proper subcutaneous injections of abdominal fat are painless, simple and unobtrusive (well accessible and visible). Alternatively, the subcutaneous injection may be punctured into the fat on the butt, this application is also essentially painless, but the site is less accessible.

Intramuscular injection:

  • Intramuscular injection is more suitable for growth factors of IGF-1, MGF and myostatin inhibitors because they are much more effective when injected directly into the muscles, where they start to act. The most common site is the side of the front thigh muscles - quadriceps, which may slightly hurt or be uncomfortable (depending on how sensitive you are, but since the needles are really small, the pain is only mild). The second most common site of intramuscular injection is the central part of the deltoid muscle on the side of the shoulder. This place is less accessible than the thigh, but in most cases, the injection is also almost painless, similar to a subcutaneous injection.

Caution: It is important for intramuscular injections to let the muscles relaxed and loose. Otherwise, the application will needlessly hurt more.


3.) Peptide Application Step-by-Step Guide:
Preparation of the injection:

Remove the peptide pocket after removing it from the refrigerator on a clean table. The rubber cap on the top vial should first be cleaned with an alcohol disinfectant pad to remove any bacteria and dirt from the surface.
Unpack the new unused syringe and remove the plastic caps at both ends of the syringe. When handling the syringe, make sure that the needle does not come into contact with your hands or other undesirable objects.
Insert the needle through the top rubber seal into the ampoule and invert it 180 ° upsides down. Visually check that the needle end is not in the air bubble (if so, turn the ampoule back and back to the opposite position again). Slowly reach the required dose of peptide. Turn the ampoule back to its normal position and pull out the needle and syringe out. The injection is ready for application.

Application of injection:


First, clean the skin at the injection site with alcohol disinfecting pads (circular movements within a radius of at least 3 cm from the injection site).

  • Subcutaneous injection (used for all peptides and substances except IGF-1, MGF, ACE-031, and Follistatin) is recommended to inject into the abdominal area approximately 8 cm around the navel. Place the needle close to the injection site and under approx. 45 ° angle, push the full length under the skin with a quick motion. Slowly and smoothly push the content of syringe into the body. Wait at least 5 seconds, and pull the needle out with a quick motion. Disinfect the place with an alcoholic pad.

Intramuscular injection:

  • Intramuscular injection is preferred to subcutaneous only for growth factors focused on volume and muscle growth: IGF-1, MGF, ACE-031, and Follistatin-344. The recommended location for injecting the needle is the side of the anterior thigh muscles - quadriceps or the middle part of the deltoid muscle on the side of the shoulder. Place the needle close to the injection site and under approx. 90 ° angle to the muscle, push it quickly under the skin, then proceed with a slower movement until the needle enters the body with its entire length (the needle should reach the muscle). Slowly and smoothly push out the content of syringe. Quickly move the needle out.  Disinfect the place with an alcoholic pad


Caution: Do not forget to put the plastic cap back on the needle of the syringe before throwing it into the waste (so the needle does not accidentally injure someone) and make sure that the syringe is left out of the reach of children! Never use one syringe several times (multiple uses of one syringe increase the possibility of contaminating the needle with bacterias, and the needle also dulls and damages by every other application)!


Our advice: The secret of how to puncture the injection so that it is painless, is in penetration agility (how quickly the needle penetrates the upper, sensitive skin layer): Pain receptors are the strongest in the upper layers of the skin. In the lower layers and in the muscles there are substantially less. If you pierce your skin quickly, they will not be able to react and you will not realize the pain. If, however, your skin is injecting slowly, you will feel it and such an application will certainly hurt more.


4.) Preparation (dilution), optimal dosing and use of peptides:


With all injectable peptides and substances that you buy here, you will receive all information that you need by email or packaged with the consignment.
You will learn how and in what proportion to dilute with the aqueous solution.
What dose is ideal to reach your desired goals with consideration of your individual physical characteristics (age, weight, condition, etc.)
Principles and recommendations for the use of specific peptides and substances

If you can not decide which substances and peptides you should buy and which will be best for you to reach the desired goals, we will be happy to advise you. With peptides, we have years of practical experience. Don´t hesitate to write to us!